Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The sad tale of Not Quite Bright

IntimidatingShrink has been a forensic psychologist for a long time. In addition to doing standard mental health assessments on inmates, he also gets to do competency and "how likely are you to re-offend" exams. He keeps us posted whenever "our people" wind up in the criminal justice system.
I got a call from him the other day.
"You have a Not Quite Bright on your caseload, right?"
"Yeah..." I've got about ninety people on my caseload. It takes a minute to remember who's who without accessing our computer records.
"You may want to put his case on hold for a few months. He's back in jail in meth possession charges."
This surprised me. "He just was in last month on meth charges. Did he jump bail?"
"Mr. Bright got arrested yesterday when he went to his court date for last month's meth charges. He actually had more meth in his pockets that he brought to court!"

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