Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parenting FAIL

A lot of my patients "self-medicate" their psychiatric symptoms with assorted illegal substances. Marijuana is far and away the most popular choice. Because it comes from a plant, people generally are a lot more defensive about their cannabis usage than their use of meth or coke. Like Dan Sickles, who told us "Pot's harmless, man. I mean, I've been smoking it since I was six, and look at me, I'm fine."

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  1. An undisclosed relative does this kind of "medicating". I always wonder how the Dr. perscribed meds, and what actually ends up in said patient's system (i.e. pot, meth) interact. It seems like that could be real interesting for diagnoses of mental problems, when it might be drug interaction...

    I love the thing that it's a plant. It's like saying something's all natural. Yes, so is poison oak, but I'm still not going to eat it...