Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Glad I'm not a doctor

Dr. Warmnfuzzy just got back from a two week vacation. Here's what awaited her when she returned to us:

  • 10 days worth of e-mails from the crisis department
  • 23 requests from patients for medication adjustment or early refills
  • the minutes from at least six different meetings
  • a missive from the department head saying he'd discovered Twitter and wondered if any of us had heard of it
  • four different people tackling her in the hallway and saying "Fuzzy! You're back! Your patient Mrs. Namewitheld needs...."
  • an e-mail from the big boss casually mentioning that there is a bomb threat one block away, but no need to evacuate our building

"I feel like I need another vacation just to recover from vacation!"

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