Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Overheard at the staff meeting

“Phil Sheridan? Is this "babies in the sewer" Phil Sheridan?” one of the experienced therapists asked on hearing a new client's name.
“Babies in the sewer? What’s that all about?” a newly hired therapists asked.
“About five years ago, he was pounding on Sonny and Cher’s apartment door, screaming that they’d taken his baby and flushed it down the toilet and he was going to get in their house to get into the sewer and rescue it,” she explained.
“So after the cops came, we evaluated him and had him committed to the state hospital until he was stable again. Apparently he just got out of prison for something else and is back in town,” the crisis worker with the most seniority finished.
The new therapist still looked puzzled. “So was there a baby at all?”
The crisis team all started laughing, which is never a good sign. “No, no baby, just crazy Phil.”

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