Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This one's a dud

Recently there was a bomb threat at the Random County Courthouse, about a block away from our offices. Several of the other Random County Health Department offices were evacuated, but not ours.

I found out about the bomb threat as I checked my e-mail before the weekly staff meeting. After I finished calling my husband "just because" and made sure my conscience was right with my Maker, I headed to the staff meeting--only to find out that no one else had heard about the bomb threat. What's more, no one was very worried about the bomb threat.

Apparently this sort of thing happens a lot. The head of the crisis department summed it up best when she shrugged and said "If whoever did this isn't already one of our patients, he will be by the time the courts get through with him! And would everyone please park only in the designated employee parking spots..."

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