Thursday, November 25, 2010

That was a pleasant surprise

Mrs. Worried is one of my favorite patients. She's intelligent, polite, and very involved in her care. She's been on the same medications for years, and we don't mess with them. She's also very forthright with us when she has concerns about the medications.
She called last week about her Xanax prescription. "I know you guys had to reschedule my appointment with Dr. Warmnfuzzy for about three months out because you're so busy. And that's fine, but I've only got three or four days left on my Xanax, and I don't have any refills and I wanted to make sure Dr. Warmnfuzzy did something about that before I see her, because I don't think I can be off it for three months!"
I reassured her that I'd talk to Dr. Warmnfuzzy and get her the necessary prescription. "But she's pretty busy and it will probably be at least three or four hours before I can get this done," I warned her.
She laughed. "Honey, I've got fifteen pills left. If I go through all of them before this afternoon, I don't deserve to be on Xanax!"

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