Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just another Monday

On Monday, as I always do, I checked the jail mugshot website to see if any of my patients were guests of the Random County Correctional Center (known around here as "the Country Club.")
Then, I called IntimidatingNurse at the jail to see how Bonnie Parker was doing.

The receptionist recognized me by my voice alone when I said hello and immediately put me through.

"Yeah, Bonnie's a bit of a handful, but she stops talking to invisible people as soon as no one's watching her, so we think it's kind of behavioral instead of mental health-related. Don't worry, I've already got her scheduled for a full assessment with IntimidatingShrink this afternoon."

I never dreamed when I applied for this job that I'd be on a first-name basis with the staff of all the local homeless shelters, psych wards (although I really should have seen that one coming,)
and the jail.

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