Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nursing brainwashing

When I was in nursing school, my professors repeatedly stressed the need to "think like a nurse."

I still have no idea what they meant by this concept, but I will admit that being a nurse has definitely influenced how I view the universe.

For example, most of my co-workers are middle-aged or older. I love working with them, but the fact that many of them have children my age does create a generation gap that makes small talk difficult sometimes.

So it's always nice for my social skills when the bosses fill open positions with people who are closer to me in age. But when you meet the cute new guy at work and your first thought on meeting him is "He has nice veins--I'd love to start an IV on him!" it's pretty obvious that "nursing" has hijacked large parts of your brain.

It does come in handy sometimes. It's a lot easier to say "Auntie, I know this is awkward, but five years of nursing brainwashing is making me ask you if you and your new boyfriend are using "protection" when sleeping together. You both should probably get checked for STDs, because they're spreading fast in your age group" than "Are you using condoms with the new boyfriend?"

I try to pretend to be like "normal" people, but the nursing mindset may be starting to leak through the cracks. My co-workers are starting to notice.

Like yesterday, when the other nurse and I were setting up a client's medications for the week. One of the social workers wanted us for something.

"Hello nurse people! It's like "pod people," but not really--I mean you're nurses...."

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