Thursday, February 10, 2011

Proposed changes to the nursing uniform

In my work for RCMH, I travel between three towns. There's County Seat, Village, and Hamlet. My "office office" (the one where my desk and files are located) is in Village, but I work at the RCMH office in all three locations. I'm only at the main office in County Seat two days a week, but trying to find office space there can be a trial. If there aren't any crises, I can usually use the crisis office. But if they need it for clients, I have a difficult time finding another place with a working computer and phone line.

I can theoretically use the nursing office as my "space," but GoodbyeNurse has already claimed that as his office. We've tried to share an office, but expecting two adults with separate work loads to use the same computer and phone line and get things done is a bit like expecting the Marines to not make fun of the Air Force--you can hope it will happen, but you probably shouldn't bet too much money on it.

My boss has been working on this situation, and he made sure to remind me of that at the med staff meeting this week. His professional approach to the problem was promptly derailed by the rest of the med staff.

"I can find you an office with a nice desk if you'll wear one of those frilly white nursing caps to work," Dr. Analytic quipped.

"Sounds fine--as long as GoodbyeNurse has to wear one too!"

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  1. At least it wasn't the Marines and the Navy. That could be hazardous. And oh, my Grandma had a lovely blue cape with a red cross to set off the hat. That too! Heh. ;)